How did Meda Branko find himself in this situation?

Get acquainted with the story of last year's game, which was the basis for the task competitors had at the first AIBG in Serbia

As you prepare for this year's AIBG, you can read what the contestants were dealing with last December at Science and Technology Park.

Meda Branko u borbi.

We come to the question - how did Meda Branko find himself in this situation? The game was followed by a children's story about the forest kingdom, the evil ruler as well as the hero leading the rebellion, that is, Meda Branko. There is a plot twist where the evil ruler hires a wizard to help him, and that's how Brank's clone is born - Branklon.
The wizard is tricked by the evil ruler and decides to share new powers with Branko, and the story ends at AIBG.

Škorpioni u borbi.

Last year, the game that the contestants designed for AI was a game of moves on a map with different fields - similar to chess. Intelligent players had the ability to attack each other depending on distance, as well as collect gems that they could use to convert to a certain form and have special attacks, but are more vulnerable to attacks of another type or field they occupy . The winner was either the one who took the opponent's first five lives, or the one who inflicted more damage to the opponent after a certain (limited) number of moves - if they did not manage to take all five lives. The player draws a move by sending a request to the server, and in turn receives feedback on the status of the game after processing his requested move.

This is the story that followed last year's assignment - to create such an algorithm that Meda Branko defeats Branklon. Or for Branklon to beat Meda Branko ... however, Meda Branko took the win and brought his team 100,000 RSD.


For this year's story, the only thing you can do is sign up and find out.

See you at the Nordeus Hub on December 6-7.


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