Make IT learn - Meetup on machine learning at Nordeus Hub

The diverse applications of modern technologies are becoming more and more prevalent and their practicality is revolutionary.

The Board of European Students of Technology, BEST Belgrade, in collaboration with Nordeus Hub, organizes a meetup dedicated to the practical application of machine learning. We will touch the concepts of artificial intelligence (which AIBG deals with), deep learning, as well as neural networks. Visitors to the meetup will become more familiar with the concept of machine learning through several practical examples that used machine learning to solve real-world problems.

Lecturers and topics

Marko Antonić, Junior Game Designer u Nordeusu, do ove pozicije došao je nakon dosta uloženog truda u dekonstrukciju, programiranje i igranje video igara, od kojih je bitnija Heroic – Magic Duel, na kojoj radi, još od njene soft-launch faze. Marko će nam približiti kako izgleda primena botova tokom razvoja video igre, i to upravo na primeru razvoja Heroic-a, gde su botovi korišćeni za simulacije borbi za balans, testiranje igre na različitim tržištima, kreiranje tutorijala u igri, i slične potrebe koje gaming timovi imaju prilikom razvoja mobilne PvP igre. 

Vasilije Dolić is a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering and Master of Computer Science and Computer Science at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade. For three years he has been working as a software engineer at Meter and Control d.o.o. Vasilje will be talking about Drone Training Simulator , which is the winning application of the MatHack 2018 Competition on “Generating Trajectories Using Machine Learning”. The purpose of this simulator is to easily explain machine learning algorithms to people who have not previously had contact with topics in this field.

Marija Milutinović is a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, a Master's student and a teaching assistant at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade, on the Signals and Systems module. She completed her undergraduate studies in 2019 with a thesis titled "Recognizing Static Sign Language Symbols Using Convolutional Neural Networks" that will be discussed at the meetup - how a "deep learning" model studies within minutes to identify the two-sign alphabet, the Latin alphabet, and the digits used by deaf people.

Sofija Petrović is a master's student at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade, majoring in Signals and Systems. Since the beginning of ther studies, she has been an associate student at the Petnica Research Station and is currently in practice at the Mihajlo Pupin Institute. Sofija will demonstrate how she has been able to improve the image captioning system by using a combination of convolutional and recurrent neural networks.


The meetup will be held on November 26 at the Nordeus Hub beginning at 7pm. Those interested can sign up for the meetup via form .



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