Vroom kao zlatni pokrovitelj takmičenja AIBG 4.0

Mila Simić

Vroom is an innovative e-commerce company that develops its own product, a platform for contactless purchase and sale of vehicles over the Internet.

Vroom has existed since 2013, and after going public in the middle of 2020, expansion will begin, from employment, through the purchase of other companies, to the expansion of business to the entire territory of the United States.

At the beginning of 2021, Vroom bought Vast, one of the first and leading Serbian startups in the fields of vertical search, artificial intelligence and Big Data technology, in order to continue to change the car trade industry together.

Vroom has over 1,800 employees and has headquarters in Belgrade, New York, Austin, Houston and Detroit. There are over 130 employees in Serbia and they all work remotely, with occasional meetings and socializing, working sessions and team meetings at the company's headquarters in Belgrade.


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