Artificial Intelligence BattleGround (AIBG Belgrade) is an intensive team-based programming competition in the field of artificial intelligence. Teams will be given a task to design an intelligent, stand-alone bot based on the given video game, which will fight against the bots of the other teams. They will have 20 hours to complete the task using any programming language that supports API requests. There are two stages of the competition: the first one is elimination, where the teams will be divided into four groups. The best team from each group goes to the next phase, the knockout phase, where the remaining teams will compete for the winning place.

In the first stage of the competition, the teams are organized into four groups. After the fighting of their intelligent agents, the team that has the most points moves onto the next stage of the competition. In the second stage, teams are randomly selected for the semi-final fights, followed by the fight for the third place and the final battle.

Frequently asked questions

The competition is for students from technical, technological and mathematical based faculties of both state and non-state universities from Serbia. Participation is free of charge and the only requirement is for all team members to be 18 to 26 years old.

The winners will get RSD 100.000, RSD 50.000 for second and RSD 25.000 for third place.

You can use any programming language that supports the use of API requests.

All teams or team members must be present during the project opening. Those who fail to appear at the opening and presentation of the assignment will be disqualified, without justification. If one of the team members is not present, and there are three in the team, the team can enter the competition.

If one team member leaves the venue during the competition, the whole team is disqualified.

Participants should bring their laptops, chargers, extra keyboards and mouses if needed.

You can read more about the competition rules on the Contest rules page.